Individual Therapy

I offer therapy to help with your relationships; with your identity and sense-of-self questions, particularly as they relate to gender and sexuality; and with career concerns. Some of the areas I have focused on with individual clients include: coming out; transition; trans- and homophobia; getting out of bad or abusive relationships; improving relationships with partners or family members or at work; career questions and concerns; managing anxiety and depression; managing substance use from a harm reduction approach; parenting, including post-natal depression, parenting trans children, managing blended families; feelings about body image and eating. I have also worked with adults on the intersection of the autism and gender spectrums. I am deeply interested in helping you learn more about what you need and how to help yourself get what you need, from your internal resources or from your support system and life choices.

Couples Therapy

In our work together, we will aim to uncover the unproductive patterns you have fallen into together. We will seek to understand how each partner’s family-of-origin experiences are meshing, or clashing, in the relationship. I combine this depth work with solution-focused, specific interventions to help engineer change in your present interactions.

I am poly-informed and kink aware, as well as sex positive.

LGBTQ+ folks

My greatest area of expertise is in working with people who are thinking about gender and/ or sexuality. I work with individuals, couples, parents, and young people. I take a gender affirmative approach, am deeply committed to working outside of binary thinking, and I also take seriously the difference that intersectionality makes to folks’ experience of themselves and of the world. As a queer, cisgender, white, immigrant, a mother myself, and a perennial cultural outsider, I continually pay attention to my own learning in working with people who are different to me, and to the blind spots caused by the places where I have privilege.